What if I don't have design experiences to put on my resume?


Probably one of the most common questions I talk about with aspiring UX designers is how to make the resume presentable especially in the case where they haven’t had design experience yet. It’s the classic chicken or the egg problem where employers want to hire someone with experience but how would you get experience if no one wants to hire someone without experience.

Emphasize any and all design knowledge you got

Yes, you may not have any working design experience just yet. At a minimum, you should have at least some of the following since you are trying to put together a resume to look for a design job:

If you don’t have any of the items mentioned above, then honestly you should invest some time for learning before you try to look for a job in design. See the last section of this post for some suggestions on how you may be able to pick up design knowledge or experience.

Your past experience is valuable too

While you may not have any working experience yet as a designer, there may be relevant experiences you can highlight from your past roles. Some examples of the relevant experiences are:

Pick up additional knowledge

Applying for design jobs at the beginning of your design career is challenging. Honestly, a bit of luck is also required to meet a hiring manager who’s willing to give you a chance. Instead of mindlessly applying for more jobs, you should try to grow your skillets on the side. If you can demonstrate the desire for growth, it also gives a strong signal to the hiring managers that you have the potential to be a great asset. Fortunately, there are ways for you to acquire design knowledge. Some options are: